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Rural libraries of Armenia

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The Internet Society NGO

The ISOC Armenia Chapter NGO

Library of Choratan village

Taking a new computer out of the box is similar to the previous experience but the feelings are always different...

Choratan village library 1

The computer nowaday is not something unusual however it is not difficult to imagine the joy that will reign in the library, when visitors will be served with its help...

Choratan village library 2

No operating system... as well as application software...

Choratan village library 3

And now let's quickly pass from imaginations to a real job and install the operating system... and applications...

Choratan village library 4

What about drivers?, Drivers will be downloaded from the Internet...

Choratan village library 5

We'll install the library management program from our web site and test the software...

Choratan village library 6

Finally all is well. Now we'll collect and pack it again and transfer to the Choratan village...

Drakhtik village library 7


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