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Rural libraries of Armenia

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The Internet Society NGO

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8 School Library 07/08/2020 In the library of Hrazdan city school #8...

Jermuk Library 31/07/2020 I thought that queues were Soviet era lefovers but it turned out that in order to enter the Jermuk city library it is necessary to stand quite a lot of time in the queue...

Computer is OK 26/09/2019 New computer for the newly opened Choratan village library...

Computer is OK 17/07/2019 Another computer is ready to go to a library...

Ram of Dilijan Computer 22/05/2019 The memory card of the computer is damaged, but sometimes it is possible to repair it...

Dilijan Computer 10/05/2019 A library management software will be installed in the Dilijan city library computer...

Dilijan Computer 06/05/2019 Dilijan city library computer's... it seems that it is easier...

Dilijan Computer 03/05/2019 Memory chips of Dilijan city library...

Dilijan Computer 02/05/2019 Motherboard of Dilijan city library computer...

Dilijan Computer 30/04/2019 Alarm from Dilijan city library...

Drakhtik Computer 13/04/2019 A new computer in the Drakhtik village library...

Computer capacitys 05/04/2019 The start of computer's second life...

Ամրակից գյուղի գրադարան 24/03/2019 New computer of Amrakits village library ...

Մովսեսգեղ գյուղի գրադարան 24/03/2019 Movsesgegh village library got a new computer ...

gift comp 25/02/2019 One of the ways we got computers...



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